In Red Canyon Looking South 11" x 15"  SOLD

In Red Canyon Looking North 11" x 15"  SOLD

The Reef from the Knobs, 11" x 15"

The Reef from Cohab Overlook, 15" x 11"  SOLD

Grand Wash from the Cassidy Arch Trail, 11" x 15"

Snow comes to the Henrys 11" x 15" 

The Reef from the Frying Pan Trail, 7.5" x 22" diptych

Factory Butte, 11" x 15"


Painting Details

All watercolor on 140 lb paper
11 x 15 each unless otherwise specified
(Not for sale until the Park makes its choice for donation)

In October of 2018 I became Capitol Reef National Park's fourth artist-in-residence, together with support from the Entrada Institute. I lived in Brimhall House for several weeks, hiked in many parts of the Park and painted as much as possible - about a painting a day. I gave a talk in the town of Torrey, spent a morning with some bat researchers, a day with mountaineering/canyoneering guide Steve Howe and did as many drawings on watercolor paper to paint later as I could. I was particularly intrigued with the strong presence of a simple value study, using gold instead of black, that I did of the reef from the top of the Frying Pan trail, the second-to-last, wide image shown above.

You can read more at my blog post here.





Please contact me if you are interested in learning more about any of my images. All represent original paintings, not reproductions. I have many more paintings than are shown on this site. And, since I frequently work in series, there may be additional views of the subjects shown here.