These are strange and difficult times. I have a variety of pieces out in the world, but they are sitting in empty gallery and museum rooms. It's been many years that I've felt "the work of art is incomplete without the viewer." So despite a fairly obsessive work ethic, it is discouraging not to know when or where work will be exhibited. Online displays have the refreshing quality of requiring little effort to package and ship, but lack the visceral response that is so rewarding to the crator.  These two items are still true:

  • I have been hard at work on a large installation of burned tree paintings printed on fabric and stories, together with author and wildland firefighter Lorena Williams. Some of those trees printed on fabric were displayed at amazon headquarters through Shunpike's Storefronts program (on Republican Street near Terry in Seattle's South Lake Union neighborhood) July through October 2018. There's a image on my home page. The larger 30 tree installation, State of the Forest, shipped to the James Museum in St. Augustine, Florida, as part of "Environmental Impact Sequel," August-December 2019 and is now at the Sternberg Museum of Natural History in Fort Hays, KS. The tour runs into 2024.
  • Beginning in 2013 and refreshed with new work in March 2015 landscape paintings from my Zion National Park and Kane Ranch residencies are on display at University Hospital in Seattle, WA, in the second floor walkway between the Outpatient Surgery Pavilion and the main Hospital.
  • I was awarded a second, 2021 Shunpike exhibit for a time/location to be determined, currently now planned for October 2022. I am showing the "big tree," AKA "The Magnitude of the Problem," a 21.5' long or high burned tree portrait. See for more information.
  • I'm very gratified that several of the bark beetle artist books will be part of the San Francisco Center for the Book's "Reclamation" exhibit June through September of 2021 at both the Center and the San Francisco Public Library, at the University of Washington's Center for Urban Horticulture, and others.
  • I'm thrilled that the Bainbridge Island Museum of Art is acquiring eight of my bark beetle books, 3 of the original burned tree paintings and one of the fabric sets, and they have been in various exhibits.

My most recent quarterly artist news can be found on my blog: by searching "Suze's Art" or "Suze's Art News." In them I report on the previous quarter's activity, including exhibits and awards as well as upcoming events.

I am looking forward to seeing you all sometime in the future!