Scroggins Wash Caliche Cannonical Cross-Bedding East Side Tiles
Grand Wash Pocks Gypsum and Shale in Scroggins Wash Ironstone
 Echo Canyon Polished Sandstone  Lower Hackberry Canyon  Pebbles in the Virgin River

 Painting Details

All watercolor on 140 lb paper
11.25 x 11.25 each
$300 each unframed.

Row 1, column 1 "Scoggins Wash Caliche" available as part of "Zion Quilted" below
Row 1, column 2 "Echo Canyon Sandstone Blasted" available as part of "Zion Quilted" below
Row 1, column 3 "Eastside Edges" sold
Row 2, column 1 "Grand Wash Pocks" available as part of "Zion Quilted" below
Row 2, column 2 "Gypsum and Shale in Scoggins Wash" sold
Row 2, column 3 "
Ironstone" available as part of "Zion Quilted" below
Row 3, column 1 "Echo Canyon Polished Sandstone" sold
Row 3, column 2 "Lower Hackberry Canyon"  sold
Row 3, column 3 "Pebbles in the Virgin River" sold.

One day during my Zion residency I wasn't happy with the landscape I had painted while out hiking around. I looked down and suddenly saw the miniature, fractal landscape at my feet. Thus began a series which is now up to 17. I like to try combining them, and together with quilt artist Nancy Cluts, we are making an actual fabric quilt. I also decided to try making a paper quilt, shown below, using non-woven viscose pattern-making paper, which I painted and stiffened with Golden's GAC 400. Effectively a stitched, semi-translucent window mat, this won the Past Presidents' Award at the local EAFA Membership Show.

In addition to those described above are:

Row 1, column 1 "Northgate Peak Laminae"
Row 1, column 3 "Eastside Tiles"
Row 2, column 1 "Scraps of Desert Varnish"
Row 2, column 3 "Weathered Boulder"'
Row 3 column 3 "Prehistoric Mud Cracks"

Zion Quilt




Please contact me if you are interested in learning more about any of my images. All represent original paintings, not reproductions. I have many more paintings than are shown on this site. And, since I frequently work in series, there may be additional views of the subjects shown here.