In the Footsteps of Maynard Dixon is a Suze Woolf watercolor painting

Painting Details

Watercolor on 140 lb Arches paper
15 x 22 diptych
$600 unframed


On the West Rim Trail, above Angel's Landing, is a wonderful view of The Great White Throne. During my 2012 stay in Zion National Park as Artist-in-Residence I realized I was seeing the view portrayed by Maynard Dixon in his painting, "High in the Morning," so of course I had to do my own version. I think he made that massive massif skinnier than it really is, whereas I have made it even more massive.

Zion Natural History Association used the 1933 Maynard Dixon painting as the cover of its 2009 centennial volume, A Century of Sanctuary.

Book cover to A Century of Sanctuary

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