Suze Woolf painting "Corrugated"

"Corrugated" 52" x 26.5", SOLD

Suze Woolf painting "De-Limbed"

"De-Limbed" 52" x 26", watercolor on torn paper.

Suze Woolf painting

"Knotted" 52" x 25", watercolor on torn paper.


A rotated image of the Suze Woolf painting
51.5" x 15", watercolor on paper (rotated for screen display)

The Landscape of Fire toured with America's Parks through the Beauty of Art to Missouri, New York and Wisconsin throughout most of 2013. Currently in Kalamazoo, MI  it joined Environmental Impact and will continue to tour with this exhibit throughout its itinerary in 2014 and 2015. I'm honored to be in the same exhibit with such environmental luminaries as Edward Burtynski and Richard Misrach.

"...pushes the traditional boundaries of watercolor into new territory" and "feels larger than life" says Sarah E. Buhr, Curator, Springfield Art Museum, about The Topography of Fire in Watercolor USA's 2014 exhibit catalog.


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